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Large scale, more talents, trustworthy!
36% of the company's personnel have master's degree and 28% have doctor's degree.
Product professional certification and brand guarantee.
Passed ISO9001:2000 international quality certification.
Build a world-class proton therapy device enterprise.
Build a team with the ability of integrated design, R & D, mass production, operation and maintenance of proton therapy devices.
The renewal of talents and technology is only for quality.
Advanced technology, production process and strict quality management system make the products stable, reliable and durable.
Wide variety and rich experience.
A physical and chemical, measuring and testing center and a product environmental testing center with complete functions and advanced equipment have been established.
Wide range of services, guaranteed after-sales service.
Always focus on customers, with better product quality and better service to repay friends from all walks of life.
Build a world-class proton therapy device enterprise

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